Practical Product is the most actionable and practical podcast for B2B and SaaS Product Managers. This show is hosted by Jason Evanish, a Product Manager for over 12 years as a Founder, coach, and early-stage Product Leader.

Practical Product will talk about building a great strategy, avoiding pitfalls, balancing the many demands of a career in product management, and so much more.

We have many awesome guests lined up, some you've heard of in the Product Management space and some lesser-known, yet very talented PM's that you should get to know.

Follow the show and get ready to learn the practical product advice you've been dying to hear.

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How to make Product Specs that Your Teammates and Executives will Actually Want to Read (aka - The Product Thesis)

Virtually every first time product manager, and even many in the middle of their career struggle with this. It’s something that is super critical, and is the linchpin ...

How Free Tools can Supercharge the Growth of Your Business w/ Michael Novotny of Product & Build Co

Michael Novotny is a former PM at The PGA Tour and is now Founder of a product studio called Product and Build Co. On this episode Jason and Michael discuss how you ca...

Keys to Succeeding as a Remote Product Leader w/ Valentina Thörner, Product Advisory at Klaus

Valentina is a product leader and expert of remote management for over a decade. She has developed a framework to help companies cut through the chaos, simplify their ...

Consequences of AI, Understanding our Bundling Phase, & Self-Deprecation in Product Managers

This episode is a collection of thoughts on 3 trending topics I am seeing in the world of Tech and Product Management. We'll be talking about how we're now in a bundli...

The Curse of the 1st PM - Part 2: The PM View w/ Hostos Monegro, 4-time 1st PM

Why do so many 1st PMs end up not working out? What can we learn from these situations, where a founder hires a PM and then things don't work out? In our second of a 2...

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