JTBD: Jobs to Be Done - What it is, why it matters, how to use it, and a real life example

Today we show you how to do a Jobs to Be Done (JTBD) interview with a live example with one of my former clients, Ryan Findley. He is the Chief Learning Officer at Learn to Win, and helped launch the company as well as serve as the company’s founding Head of Product. I invited him to talk about the JTBD framework and how PMs can use this powerful approach in their work. This is another tool that fits in the tool belt for any PM and is also useful for sales, marketing, and company leaders. The insights inform everyone involved in the buying journey for your leads and customers.
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(0:35) - Introducing JTBD: What is Jobs to be done?
(3:03) - Setting the stage with the product Ryan recently bought
(3:45)- When did you first start thinking it was time for a new mattress?
(4:17) - When do you first start thinking about the mattress?
(4:34) - Who was involved in the purchasing decision?
(6:04) - How did you decide on DreamCloud?
(7:51) - How did budget play a role here?
(9:14) - Where did you go to get ratings and reviews?
(11:26) - What led to the 3 month delay in being able to finally get the product?
(13:45)- Zooming out: Black Friday & Forcing Functions
(21:36) - The purchase moment
(32:07) - Did you need customer support at all? 
(33:37) - How did this purchase differ from other things you buy?
(34:50) - What happened with a recent disappointing purchase you made?
(40:40) - Where did your buying discussions physically taking place?
(47:17) - Did you visit any third party locations when you were in the process?
(48:39) - Digging into Ryan's experience using what he purchased
(49:59) - Advice for marketers applying JTBD
(54:53) - Ryan’s thoughts on this experiment
(59:48) - Learn to Win & Connecting with Ryan
JTBD: Jobs to Be Done - What it is, why it matters, how to use it, and a real life example
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