Keys to Succeeding as a Remote Product Leader w/ Valentina Thörner, Product Advisory at Klaus

Valentina is a product leader and expert of remote management for over a decade. She has developed a framework to help companies cut through the chaos, simplify their policies and align their realities with their aspirations in Product. In this episode, we discuss how PM's can make the shift to a remote role and thrive, even if they only have in-office experience. Valentina also talks about how to create a great environment of teamwork in a remote setting, skills to develop as a remote PM, how to find the right fit when finding a remote role, and so much more.
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Episode Topics:
(0:50) - Introducing Valentina Turner
(1:43) - What are some of the biggest changes when someone shifts to a remote PM role?
(11:38) - How can a Remote PM be successful?
(14:55) - How do you advise Remote PM’s to think about understanding how their team is feeling and reacting to their work and communication in an asynchronous environment?
(18:57) - How do you tell if your team is on the same page when everyone is remote?
(24:00) - Do you think the ideal product team size is different for remote vs. in-person?
(26:54) - How do you avoid meeting & Zoom overload?
(39:52) - What makes a good discussion meeting, and when do you need to have those on the calendar?
(42:16) - How do you create the collaborative juices from a whiteboarding session to a remote team?
(48:48) - How often do Remote product teams need to be together in person?
(51:53) - How much would you think about geolocation when it comes to constructing pods?
(58:49) - What are ways PM’s can prepare themselves for the shift to a remote-first organization?
(1:04:54)- What questions would you recommend asking when sussing out if a remote company is the right fit?
(1:14:15) - What skills would you recommend developing for folks looking to become remote PM’s?
(1:20:32) - What are things that are good ways for folks to build their writing and communication skills?
(1:27:10) - Are there any more skills people need to develop to be great Remote PM’s?
(1:31:20) - Wrapping up
(1:33:19) - How can people find you online?
Keys to Succeeding as a Remote Product Leader w/ Valentina Thörner, Product Advisory at Klaus
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